Monday, February 26, 2018


Welcome to My Chaotic Life! I figured the best way to start this off was with a bit about me and why this is My Chaotic life.

To be fair, I will blame all of this on my parents, siblings, the rest of the family and a few friends who have been there all along; after all they are the ones who managed to shape me throughout life. What you're getting is the beginning of me opening my mind and sharing just a little bit of what's inside and what I find interesting in life. Anything related to religion, politics, or other controversial topics is my thoughts at this time in my life (they can and will change as I move through life) but you will find that I believe in simple things like the 10 commandments, since they're a pretty good basis for civilized society. Beyond that, what's to come is pretty much going to be a mash-up of technology, trucks and various projects I am working on around the house.

So what's make my life so chaotic? It all starts with how I tend to approach life, more specifically how I focus (or don't focus) on things. I don't know what its like for other people, mainly because I am just me and not anyone else, but I tend to see things that grab my attention and I bounce around sometimes going really deep learning sometimes just scratching the surface. For example, I work in IT doing Operations and DevOps work but in my spare time I have always worked on cars/trucks/motorcycles and various things with engines. Then there's electronics and amateur radio stuff, again because it interests me and I find it fun to pursue. What you generally won't find is me sitting down and watching TV or movies or just sitting still, I am always moving or doing; yet a lot of stuff never gets finished... What it all boils down to is, I like to learn about things and I like to tinker; so my chaotic life is based on a life of learning through all the failures and successes.

So where's this chaos going? Well, assuming that I have hit my mid-life it's a whirl-wind at the moment. As my kids get older they are involved in more of the projects, hopefully have taken to heart a life of learning approach and finding their own way. For me, I will keep tinkering, learning and trying to have fun as I go; trying to periodically update the world on how it's going.

Want to see more of what I am doing, based on some specific areas of interest, just see the links in the side-bar there.

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